Information for Applicants

Registration Requirements

The Psychologists Act (2005) requires that registrants possess a masters or doctoral degree in psychology acceptable to the board or the equivalent in content and training. Without such a credential, the NLPB cannot register the applicant. Please ask the Registrar for further information with respect to the acceptability of your masters or doctoral degree(s). A list of guidelines for the acceptability of degrees is available upon request. As one example, the M.Ed. Degree in Educational Foundations from UNB is not considered a degree in psychology by the Board.

To be acceptable to the NLPB, the applicant's educational program and training must have provided the applicant with adequate preparation in five competencies: Interpersonal Relationships; Assessment and Evaluation; Intervention and Consultation; Research; and Ethics and Standards. Applicants who are granted provisional registration must also demonstrate an acceptable level of competence in four of these competencies during their supervised experience as a requirement for full registration. The four competencies are interpersonal relationships, assessment and evaluation, intervention and consultation, and ethics and standards. For further information on the specific requirements for preparation in the five competencies, click here.

The Psychologists Act (2005) requires a period of professional experience in psychology acceptable to the board and supervised to the satisfaction of the board; and passing the examination prescribed in the regulations. For doctoral candidates the period of professional experience must be at least one year, and for masters candidates the period of professional experience must be at least two years. During the requisite period of supervised professional experience, candidates must demonstrate a satisfactory level of competency in the the four core competencies of Interpersonal Relationships, Assessment and Evaluation, Intervention and Consultation, and Ethics and Standards. The examination required by the board is the Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP) and the board currently requires a score of 500 (or 70% if the score is reported on the old percent scale). The board does not currently examine applicants for knowledge of local jurisprudence.

The Psychologists Act (2005) includes a requirement for registration that the applicant must have professional liability insurance coverage acceptable to the board. Successful applicants will not be placed on the register until they have submitted proof of professional liability insurance coverage. The required coverage is for malpractice insurance with a minimum of one million dollars per claim and an extended discovery period. Proof of coverage is the certificate of insurance from the insurer, or a fully legible copy of it.